breakfast, lunch, dinner

Made to order sandwiches & salads. Homemade casseroles, soups, & quiche


pies, cakes, pastries
bread, cookies, sweet trays

Made from scratch using quality ingredients


whole casseroles, large salads, soup by the quart

Our kitchen, your table. Home Baked.

Like our grandmothers, we make everything by hand. And because our lunch items are made when you order, we are not “fast food”. But we promise to get you in and out as quickly as made-to-order preparation allows. We understand your time is limited and are always happy for you to call in your order ahead of time.

If you are needing a whole pie, cake, or dozens of cookies, we recommend ordering in advance to ensure you get exactly what you’re wanting. And since all desserts are not available daily, call ahead to check today’s offerings or to special order your favorite.